A Guide to Belizean Cuisine

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Belizean cuisine is an extraordinary blend of flavors that offers a culinary journey unlike any other. Richly influenced by Maya, Garifuna, Mestizo, and Creole traditions, Belize’s food is an enticing fusion of cultures that promises a feast for the senses.

A Taste of Tradition

belize rice and beans

The cornerstone of Belizean cuisine is the humble rice and beans, often accompanied by stewed meat, coconut milk, and fried plantains. Add a dash of Marie Sharp’s fiery hot sauce, and you have a meal that defines the nation’s palate.

Seafood Delights

belize ceviche

Belize’s extensive coastline grants access to an abundance of fresh seafood. From succulent lobster and shrimp to conch fritters and ceviche, seafood lovers will find themselves in culinary heaven.

Local Specialties

belize salbutes

Salbutes & Panades: These fried corn dough delicacies are often filled with chicken, beans, or fish and are popular street food. Sere: A flavorful fish stew cooked with coconut milk and accompanied by mashed plantains. Gibnut: Also known as “the Royal Rat,” this unique game meat has been enjoyed by Belizeans for generations. Sweet Sensations End your meal with a traditional sweet treat like coconut tarts, cassava cake, or a slice of sweet potato pudding.


Whether it’s the sweet taste of Belizean-made chocolate or the refreshing zing of a cashew wine, Belize offers beverages that delight both the adventurous and the comfort-seeking traveler.

Dining Experiences

From upscale eateries in Belize City to humble beachside shacks, Belize offers diverse dining experiences to suit every taste and budget.

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davis falls inn southern belize accommodation standard room

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